Preeminent College Admission Counseling and Pre-College Planning and Counseling Services for American and International Students.

The Right Match for Every Student

Horizon Consulting, LLC provides college admissions counseling and educational planning and coaching services designed to supplement resources provided by Middle and High schools, and provide both a strategic plan and an accountability system for admissions into the finest colleges, universities and independent college prep schools in the United States.

Your educational match is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life and will affect your college life and career beyond. You’ll want to start out with the right preparatory school or program and take the steps necessary to ensure a successful outcome from college applications.

At Horizon, we’ll help you choose your path and set milestones along the way to fulfill rigorous college application requirements. Then when it’s time to select colleges, we’ll help you narrow your choices to the best fit for you, and show you how to submit applications that are sure to make the grade. Best of all, we remove the stress and anxiety of having to maneuver through the process yourself; rely on our experience and coaching to guide you every step of the way.

Students from across America and throughout the world rely on Horizon Consulting for our expertise, resources, and connections in the field of education. You can too.