• How early should I start working with Horizon Consulting?

Answer: We recommend that parents look at enrolling their child with Horizon as early as 8th or 9th grade and no later than 11th grade to lay out a forward-thinking plan. We need to ensure that every step they make throughout their high school years counts and helps build a strong profile for college admission later on.

  • Do you offer a no-obligation initial consultation?

Answer: Yes, your first 30-minute conversation with Horizon Consulting is provided at no charge. We like to make sure it is an idea fit for both of us before we begin working together.

  • When are college applications due?

Answer: Generally, college applications for U.S. colleges are submitted in the fall, but dates depend on the individual school. Prepare early; allow yourself at least six months preparation time, or longer if you can.

  • How do I pick the right boarding school or college for my child?

Answer: You have to look at everything when selecting the right school; looking at school rankings is not enough. What is your child’s academic strength and weakness? What is their special talent? How does he or she adjust in big vs. small schools? Are there special financial considerations? Are there any special circumstances? Horizon Consulting works with families to provide an in-depth assessment of your child in order to find the perfect match.

  • What kinds of tests are required for boarding school or college applications?

Answer: For boarding schools, the SSAT is required. ACT, or SAT and SAT Subject tests are required of colleges. TOEFL is required of all international students. Horizon Consulting will help you determine which tests are required for your child’s desired academic career, and we will work with them to provide appropriate test taking and test prep timetables.

  • Are scholarships available for American students?

Answer: Answer: Merit-based scholarships can be available to certain American students with qualifying talents and an outstanding academic record. Financial aid is based on the family income. Horizon Consulting will work with the families to help identify if they qualify for merit-based scholarships.

  • Are scholarships available for international students?

Answer: Due to immigration limitation in the U.S., it is usually more difficult for international students to receive scholarships and financial aid. However, depending on the schools and the individual student’s academic performance, some scholarships may be available. Horizon Consulting works with families to help identify schools known for providing scholarships to international students.

  • How Does Horizon Consulting, LLC work with my child?

Answer: We work with students in several ways, beginning as early as Grade 8, providing coaching, planning and guidance, college admissions preparation, and independent and boarding school admissions preparation. See our Services section for more details.

We first perform an assessment of your child, learning about their academic achievements, awards, credentials, and extracurricular activities, as well as their personality traits and goals. From there, we assist the student and family in creating a step-by-step plan for achieving their goals. We remain in constant communication with our students and their families, often meeting via Skype, or in person, depending upon schedules and locations.