Getting into the right school can be the most important and stressful decision a young person makes. It can create tremendous impact on his or her college years and their career to follow.

Preparation for admittance to America’s highly-competitive top colleges and universities begins early in a student’s career, with planned steps that are carefully orchestrated to fit the rigorous requirements set forth by admissions departments. We tell students that every step counts.

We understand the anxiety that can accompany these important developmental years, as well as the pressure of the selection and application process to colleges. We went through the process ourselves and have helped numerous families. We learn your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and coach them to strengthen skills and overcome challenges along the way. Then, with organized plans in place, and ongoing tracking and communication, tasks become routine and accomplishments are celebrated.

Trust us to know the application process, deadlines and school requirements inside and out. That is how we can lead you to select and apply to schools, and field questions, responses and acceptances effectively.

One thing you can truly rely on is our honesty. We’ve had parents ask, “Can you guarantee my child will get admitted?” Neither we nor anybody else in this industry can guarantee admission to any school. What we can provide, however, are our best efforts using our years of acquired experience and knowledge to deliver your desired result, and we only take on clients for whom we believe we can deliver. Our list of successes speaks for itself.

We invite you to review our list of Services that include Educational Planning and Coaching, and College, Private and Independent School application processes. We would love to work with you.

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