Our Individualized Services are right for this type of student who is self-motivated and should be able to complete the process on his/her own, but wants an expert opinion on college selection, application and essay reviews, in addition to interview coaching.

David and his family came to Horizon Consulting during the first week of his senior year, right at the beginning of his college admission process. David already had a college list and wrote a couple drafts of his essays. However, he wasn’t sure if his college list was balanced. Nor was he confident about the tone and direction of his college essays. Additionally, there were several upcoming college interviews and he needed some coaching as well as a mock interview.

Elaine worked with David on tweaking his college list, suggesting schools based on her assessment of David’s academic record, extracurricular activities, college interests, as well as special circumstances that David had. There were colleges that David hadn’t considered before, but after Elaine’s analysis, he realized that these schools might be a better fit. In addition, Elaine worked with David on interview skills and ensured that David’s essays reflected who he was and clearly indicated to colleges his intent to attend.

David was elated when he heard back from all of his selected colleges in the spring of his senior year. His results were more than he ever expected. David had a difficult time deciding among several equally good choices, so we consulted with him on his enrollment decision to help find the best match. He is now very happy with his choice.