Student is not motivated family is unable to assist.

Johnny came to Horizon Consulting as a high school sophomore (10th grade). He did not perform well academically in 9th grade, receiving grades of mostly Bs and Cs, with a D in English, and he had few extracurricular activities. His parents did not know how to motivate Johnny or how to help him to enrich his academics and extracurricular activities.

Through consultation, Elaine assessed Johnny’s strengths and weaknesses. She then presented a plan covering grades 10 through 12, laying out, step by step, everything Johnny needed to do both academically and extracurricularly, with adjustment allowances along the way.

By the time Johnny reached Grade 12 and was ready to apply to colleges; he was well-prepared, and had good grades and a presentable set of activities to impress admissions boards. Because he prepared ahead, we were ready to take on the college admission process.

Johnny performed so well in his Senior year that he was accepted by and decided to attend one of the top universities in the U.S. He and his family never thought he would be able to aim for such an elite school, let alone get in, but thanks to Elaine’s help with early planning and coaching, he succeeded.