Our Comprehensive Services Package is best suited for this type of student and family.

Mary and her family came to Horizon Consulting the summer prior to her senior year in high school. Mary had some activities on her resume, but wasn’t sure how to present them in more detail in her college applications. In addition, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to major in while at college. Mary and her family visited several East Coast colleges and universities but couldn’t decide which school was the best fit. She was also the kind of student who needed a push in order to meet deadlines.

Elaine met with the family to assess Mary’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes in terms of the environment she envisioned in terms of towns and cities, and discuss potential pre-professional majors.

Once the parameters were decided, we presented Mary with a list of colleges, including majors that would best suit her interests and goals. We also provided Mary with a clear timeline, outlining when each form was due in the admission process. Following up with Mary, we made sure that the forms were not only completed in time, they were prepared far ahead of the deadlines in order to allow time for review and perfection of the required materials.

The outcome was outstanding. Mary applied to ten colleges and was accepted by seven. We then consulted with Mary to help her choose which school fit her best.