There are two types of families who select Horizon Consulting’s Educational Planning and Coaching Services. The first type is when parents either don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to help their child plan out their high school career, and that student is unmotivated to do it themselves.

The second type tends to be over-achievers, where the student is extremely motivated and the parents are well-versed in education and admission-related matters. This type of family looks for an “edge” and “focus” in their process when deciding to work with an educational consultant. –Elaine

Educational Planning is essential in laying out a student’s academic and ultimate career path every step of the way, beginning as early as the 8th or 9th grade. We recommend that families utilize this service no later than Grade 11 in order to allow sufficient time to develop a strategic plan and execute it successfully, and build a comprehensive resume that will appeal to selective colleges. For students already in Grades 11 or 12, a more in-depth and time-sensitive plan assists with creating timetables, test preparation, college tours and strategies for meeting early application requirements.

Alongside Educational Planning, Coaching helps train students in essential skills and ensure they meet their individual timeline progress goals. As a top athlete needs a coach to excel, so does a student in order to build their record to compete in the ultimate game – the highly-competitive admissions process.

Services include:

  • Analysis of a student’s strengths and weaknesses and academic interests, with recommendations on how to maximize strengths and improve upon weaknesses
  • Identification of talents and interests (art, music, sports, social philanthropy, etc.) and special circumstances (illnesses, school changes, gap years, etc.) and development of strategic plans
  • Academic workload review; planning for course selection and standardized tests
  • Skills enhancement and tutoring arrangements with our associated tutors and educators
  • Planning and research to enhance extracurricular activities on resume; includes leadership opportunities, summer programs, internships and travel experience
  • Student instruction on how to plan, execute and be accountable for actions
  • Goal monitoring and tracking; time management skills
  • Coaching and advisement to avoid mistakes or mitigate them once occurred
  • Individualized mentoring and coaching throughout our engagement period
  • Comprehensive Services and Individualized Packages available