Our work at Horizon Consulting has helped many students and families make the positive transition from their state or home country to successful academic careers and beyond. Many have written to express their gratitude. –Elaine

Passionate and highly experienced

My daughter graduated high school in the UK and Elaine Lin supported her throughout the entire U.S. application process. Elaine was a joy to work with; she is professional, passionate and highly experienced, and has a strategic understanding of what each college is seeking in an applicant. She is highly organized and attends to every detail while creating space for the student to explore and develop their own unique voice, ideas and themes. Elaine will not stop until everything is right. She spent hours reviewing and editing my daughter’s Personal Statement and essays, encouraging her to present herself in the best possible light. I credit Elaine with my daughter receiving offers from many top U.S. colleges and in finally choosing Columbia University. — On College Admissions services

Dierdra, Mom from Virginia

Kelly, Mom from Pennsylvania

Elaine has become like a dear family member to us. Both of my kids address her as an older sister as an endearment! She helped both of my children plan out their high school academic and extracurricular activities and helped my older child get into a wonderful university in DC area. My younger child is still receiving Elaine’s planning and coaching. Elaine is good with children and they love her in return. She has an infectious, positive energy that motivates the kids and knows exactly what each student needs to reach their potential. In addition, she keeps all of us (parents and kids) focused on the tasks and the process. Her attention to detail is profound. I don’t think that we would have been able to manage all the college admission requirements without her help. She ensured efficiency and delivered a perfect presentation of my child’s college application. Elaine truly cares about her students and has their best interests at heart, and even took personal time to meet with my children over coffee or dinner. She didn’t have to do that, but she wanted to see how they were doing outside of school. I recommend Elaine to every family out there. With her and her team on your side, you will never have to worry about the daunting process of going through high school and preparing for the college admission process. — On Educational Planning and Coaching & College Admission services


Positive influence on my children

I am a mother who wants the very best of everything for my three children – education in particular. However, I had no idea about the U.S. educational system prior to engaging Horizon Consulting. Because of my limited knowledge of the U.S. system, I almost missed the deadlines by which my children should submit their boarding school applications. Shortly after meeting Elaine, my children and I started the process of applying to schools. Elaine walked us through every step of the application and the application process, making sure that my children acquired the skills necessary to not only complete the applications, but also to complete in the U.S. school system in the near future. My son, in particular, gained a tremendous amount of confidence after working with Elaine on his interview skills, which I believe will be beneficial to him for the rest of his life. Elaine is a positive influence on my children. Moreover, she is a mentor and a coach to young people because of her positive attitude and diligence. I have been recommending her educational services to my friends’ children because I know she provides not only the knowledge, but also incredible resources and positive mentorship. My children will be working with Elaine and Horizon Consulting on their upcoming college applications. — On Educational services

Mrs. Cheng, Mom from Hong Kong

Build up my confidence

While working with Horizon Consulting, I have gained an idea of what I should be doing both now and in the future to get into my ideal college. Elaine helped me to be fully prepared for college applications, interviews and standardized tests by supervising my work schedule and advising me on what activities to do during school, summer vacation and other free times. In addition, she gave me lots of coaching for interviews for boarding school and college applications. It helped me to build up my confidence and I feel more open-minded in exploring different educational options. Moreover, Elaine was efficient and energetic in helping me to clear any confusion in my mind. The fact that she has actually experienced what a young student living away from home has to go through is very beneficial, both to parents and students. Elaine always provides valid advice, which helps clarify any questions. Her suggested alternatives helped me better understand my goals and be more prepared for unpredictable situations. And her diligence and passion motivates me to achieve my goals. She is like a family friend to me. I am so glad to have her support as a friend and a consultant. — On Comprehensive Services for Boarding School and College Admissions

Alice, Student from Connecticut

More confidence with the college process

I found my experienced with Horizon Consulting very enjoyable. After having the initial college talk with Elaine, I felt much more at ease and had a lot more confidence with the college process. She was very knowledgeable about the whole college application process and tailored her expertise to my college needs. In addition, she helped me with managing deadlines and understanding how the process works. Her comments on my essays were very helpful and directed, and her critiques helped me reveal more about myself in the essays and taught me how to present myself to the college admissions board. I would recommend Horizon’s educational consulting services to all my friends and family. You’re great! — On College Application and Essay Review Individualized Services

Austin, Student from Virginia

Patient and detail-oriented

My experience working with Horizon Consulting has been an extremely positive one. Under Elaine’s guidance, I went through the competitive and stressful private high school and college admission process with little worry. Patient and detail-oriented, Elaine made sure I understood every step of the application process. Therefore, I felt very confident in my ability to stand out in the applicant pool. Not only did she provide guidance in interviewing and essay writing, Elaine also became a mentor for me in all matters of life. I can’t think of any person who is as organized and articulate as Elaine to make the confusing application process clear. Her sincerity in helping her students make the best decisions brings the relationship to a personal level. And I think it is crucial to trust the person who guides you through the application process and in making such an important decision. — On Comprehensive Services for Private School and College Admissions

Emily, Student from Massachusetts

Encouraged me to keep going and never give up

My case was an urgent one, and fortunately I came across Horizon Consulting. Elaine Lin not only advised me on the application process, she encouraged me to keep going and never give up. She showed me how to write a detailed, yet honest essay about who I am, and her attention to detail enabled me to improve my writing skills. Elaine would never write or translate for me. Instead, she made sure I knew how to write the essay myself. In addition, she coached me on my first U.S. college interview in a way so that I was confident and knew exactly how to interview with my admissions interviewer. I don’t think any consultant in Taiwan can do what Elaine does. She is an educational consultant, not an agent, so she can provide counseling and make sure that you are comfortable and confident during every step of the application process. I have been recommending Horizon Consulting to my friends, and a friend of mine was able to get into a decent school with Elaine’s assistance. — On International Student-College Transfer Admissions Services

Judy, Student from Taiwan

Wonderful experience

It was a wonderful experience working with Horizon Consulting. Elaine gave me all kinds of ideas about the college application process and because of her, everything became easier. She instructed me on the best way to do the applications. In addition, she was very responsive, patient, and thorough in explaining everything to me until I understood it. My essay-writing and interviewing skills were greatly enhanced in the process. I am a student who came to the U.S. from China one year ago, so college application was a totally new and daunting process for me. Fortunately, I met Elaine and she made me feel comfortable and cleared up every detail relating to the application process. I learned so much that I was able to help my friends too. Elaine and I made decisions together and she always made sure I kept on top of my goals. She is the first person I go to whenever I encounter problems here in the U.S. Many young international students come to the U.S. without parents being nearby, so it is great that Elaine is here to help deal with the complicated admission process, culture shocks and life in the U.S. I don’t think any other so-called educational consultant can be as professional and yet compassionate at the same time as Elaine. — On Comprehensive College Admissions Services

Yaya, Student from China