While working with Horizon Consulting, I have gained an idea of what I should be doing both now and in the future to get into my ideal college. Elaine helped me to be fully prepared for college applications, interviews and standardized tests by supervising my work schedule and advising me on what activities to do during school, summer vacation and other free times. In addition, she gave me lots of coaching for interviews for boarding school and college applications. It helped me to build up my confidence and I feel more open-minded in exploring different educational options. Moreover, Elaine was efficient and energetic in helping me to clear any confusion in my mind. The fact that she has actually experienced what a young student living away from home has to go through is very beneficial, both to parents and students. Elaine always provides valid advice, which helps clarify any questions. Her suggested alternatives helped me better understand my goals and be more prepared for unpredictable situations. And her diligence and passion motivates me to achieve my goals. She is like a family friend to me. I am so glad to have her support as a friend and a consultant. — On Comprehensive Services for Boarding School and College Admissions