My case was an urgent one, and fortunately I came across Horizon Consulting. Elaine Lin not only advised me on the application process, she encouraged me to keep going and never give up. She showed me how to write a detailed, yet honest essay about who I am, and her attention to detail enabled me to improve my writing skills. Elaine would never write or translate for me. Instead, she made sure I knew how to write the essay myself. In addition, she coached me on my first U.S. college interview in a way so that I was confident and knew exactly how to interview with my admissions interviewer. I don’t think any consultant in Taiwan can do what Elaine does. She is an educational consultant, not an agent, so she can provide counseling and make sure that you are comfortable and confident during every step of the application process. I have been recommending Horizon Consulting to my friends, and a friend of mine was able to get into a decent school with Elaine’s assistance. — On International Student-College Transfer Admissions Services