I am a mother who wants the very best of everything for my three children – education in particular. However, I had no idea about the U.S. educational system prior to engaging Horizon Consulting. Because of my limited knowledge of the U.S. system, I almost missed the deadlines by which my children should submit their boarding school applications. Shortly after meeting Elaine, my children and I started the process of applying to schools. Elaine walked us through every step of the application and the application process, making sure that my children acquired the skills necessary to not only complete the applications, but also to complete in the U.S. school system in the near future. My son, in particular, gained a tremendous amount of confidence after working with Elaine on his interview skills, which I believe will be beneficial to him for the rest of his life. Elaine is a positive influence on my children. Moreover, she is a mentor and a coach to young people because of her positive attitude and diligence. I have been recommending her educational services to my friends’ children because I know she provides not only the knowledge, but also incredible resources and positive mentorship. My children will be working with Elaine and Horizon Consulting on their upcoming college applications. — On Educational services