Knowing when and, more importantly, how to apply for admission to the selective U.S. colleges and universities is essential to standing out and getting accepted. Part of what we do is to ensure that the right criteria are met and the right strategy is in place. The other part is managing the expectations and anxiety that go along with the process. –Elaine

Horizon Consulting’s College Admissions program is ideal for students and families who need assistance and counseling through the entire process of preparing for and successfully maneuvering through the intricacies of college entrance requirements, especially important when desiring to attend the highly selective schools.

Students and families can choose to work with Horizon either comprehensively or on an as-needed basis, though 90% of our clients choose our Comprehensive Services package that enables them to reach out to the expert at any time for assistance on every aspect of the process.

Comprehensive Services Package

Horizon Consulting works with students and their families throughout the entire application process to include:

  • Review of academic record to date and extracurricular activities
  • Test taking planning and timetables: ACT, SAT I, SAT II Subject tests, TOEFL
  • Suggestion of test preparation options (if needed) and access to dedicated test prep experts and services to facilitate the student test prep process
  • Preparation of resumes, applications, and various forms required by different colleges
  • Assistance with mitigation of blemished academic and disciplinary records, and explanation of special circumstances surrounding the student
  • Ongoing development of a College List based on the student’s progress
  • Management and reminders of application filing deadlines
  • Application reviews
  • Essay writing critiques and reviews
  • Interview coaching
  • Facilitation of student correspondences with college admission offices
  • Arrangements for college tours for students and families, with consultation prior to and during the tour
  • Counseling on College Lists preparation, college visitations and selection to final choice
  • Counseling on various admission decisions management and respective follow ups: acceptance, deferral, and waitlists
Individualized Services

If desired, Horizon Consulting can work with students and their families for individual needs on an as-needed basis. Services listed in the aforementioned Comprehensive Package can be selected individually by clients, and an individualized package will be created based upon the number of hours needed.