A lot of parents recognize the connections we have with private schools and independent schools and seek our help in selecting the right school for their child and maneuvering through the application process. – Elaine

Horizon Consulting, LLC works with students ages 12 to 18 and their families to help students gain independent school admission and private school placement for day and boarding programs.

Comprehensive Services Package

Horizon Consulting works with students and their families throughout the entire application process to include:

  • Review of academic record to date and extracurricular activities
  • Test taking planning and timetables: SSAT, ISEE, and/or TOEFL, TOEFL Junior
  • Suggestions for test preparation options (if needed) and access to dedicated test prep experts and services to facilitate the test prep process
  • Resume, application and forms preparation as required by different schools
  • Blemished academic and disciplinary record mitigation assistance and explanation of special circumstances surrounding the student
  • Ongoing development of a School List based on the student’s progress
  • Application filing deadline management and reminders
  • Application reviews
  • Essay writing critiques and reviews
  • Interview coaching
  • Facilitation of student correspondences with admission offices
  • Campus interviews and school tour arrangements for students and families, with consultation prior to and during the tours
  • Counseling on School List preparation and narrowing of the selection to final choice
  • Counseling on various admission decisions management and respective follow ups: acceptance and waitlists

Individualized Services

If desired, Horizon Consulting can work with students and their families on individual needs on an a la carte basis, as needed. Clients can select from services listed in the Comprehensive Package and an individualized package will be created.